June 22, 2024

Buying CBD Online And Having It Delivered To Your Home, Is It Possible?

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Having It Delivered

Popularized in recent years with the emergence of many specialized physical stores, CBD and its derivative products are all the rage thanks to the potential benefits of Hemp Wellness.

And it is very logical that these products have appeared on the net. It is indeed now possible to buy CBD via online shops.

After this observation, several questions arise: is it legal to buy CBD online ? What products are available? Is it safe to order  CBD online  ? What are the advantages of ordering online? These questions come up frequently and it is legitimate for CBD users to ask themselves them.


The answer to this question is clear: YES, it is completely legal to buy CBD on the internet without the risk of getting hassled!

In addition, hemp-based products, and therefore CBD, are subject to a special derogation relating to the use of hemp governing its use and trade.This regulation allows any trader and entrepreneur to use this multi-millennial plant for the paper, textile, food or cosmetics industries.

The only condition for this purchase to be completely legal is that CBD products must not exceed the THC limit threshold authorized by each State (in France, it is 0.2% THC against 1% in Switzerland for example) .By the way, it is necessary to note that following the conference on “the hemp well-being sector” which was held on July 11, 2019, things are changing in our beautiful France. Indeed, it was announced the creation of a parliamentary mission as well as the launch of the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis with the aim of creating and supervising a French sector of Hemp Well Being of quality.


Online CBD shops (like Saveurs-CBD) offer many CBD-derived products that meet the 0.2% THC threshold. With us, whether CBD flowers, CBD  oils , infusions or  CBD cosmetics , all products are meticulously tested and analyzed (to certify the THC level) to keep only products that comply with French laws. and European and meeting simple criteria: irreproachable visuals, tasty products from organic/eco-responsible agriculture.

CBD herbal teas


First of all, it is important to choose the right online store . There are, in fact, many actors: serious and less serious.

Indeed, the buzz around CBD has brought many players to the CBD market, so you have to sort it out. To do this, we invite you to find out about these companies and only retain brands that have been open for at least 1 year in order to eliminate the least serious players.Look at the opinions published on the brand, contact customer service, ask questions about the products (origin, composition, analyses, etc.), demand eco-responsible products, check that credit card payment is available and secure (be careful, payments by bank transfer are not insured by your bank unlike CB payment) are all elements that will allow you to already do a nice sorting.Indeed, only experienced and conscientious professionals can and will be able to answer this type of question. When this is done, there is no doubt, you will come across Saveurs-CBD.fr!!


You don’t have a specialty store near you, you don’t want to take time off from your family life, you can’t get around or your couch keeps you prisoner once you get home from work, buying of CBD by mail is made for you because it has many advantages:


Stress-free, convenient, fast and discreet, buying flavors-cbd is risk-free and perfectly legal. So do not hesitate any longer, contact our customer service who will be delighted to answer your questions and discover all of our CBD products!!

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