July 16, 2024

Suffering From CIDP? Will A Flu Shot Injury Lawyer Be The Best Choice For You?

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Recently, many cases have been noted around the United States where patients have developed a neurological condition called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). Those who experience this disease may also be experiencing symptoms such as headaches, visual problems, and muscle weakness. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a rare disease that affects the peripheral nervous system.

It’s characterized by progressive nerve damage, usually in the feet and hands, leading to numbness and more incredible difficulty walking. The condition can be challenging to diagnose because it has many other possible causes, including Lyme disease or hereditary conditions such as familial Mediterranean fever. This disorder does not lead to death but indicates that you may be in for some long-term treatments. This article will cover everything you need to know about vaccine reactions leading to CIDP, from what it is caused and how it impacts those suffering from its effects.


CIDP is a rare and severe neurodegenerative disorder characterized by swelling, weakness, and pain in the limbs, lungs, or other organs. It is suspected that an immune reaction to the vaccine may cause these symptoms. Unfortunately, a vaccine reaction as such causes CIDP, as it happens with many childhood vaccines. That’s why some suggest that all children should be vaccinated with a new type of flu vaccine that will not cause this side effect.


      Impaired motor functions:

Problems with motor control are the most prominent symptom of CIDP. In people with CIPD, muscle strength is lost in the hands, legs, and sometimes arms. Muscle weakness makes it difficult for them to hold things or perform day-to-day activities. While some individuals experiencing this disease may be able to keep working while they are being treated, they still need assistance when they are going through their daily routines.

      Headache and back pain:

Symptoms such as headaches often present themselves within the first six weeks of developing CIDP. In severe cases, patients with CIDP vaccine injury lawyer experience headaches lasting between one and three months after which they may go away entirely or get better. CIPD symptoms can also result in back pain when you suffer from nerve injury due to severe muscle weakness. The muscles will then become weakened throughout your entire body leading to pain and spasms lower down your back as well as other muscles surrounding the spine.

      Facial paralysis:

Facial paralysis is a condition caused due to damage to nerve fibers in the upper facial muscles. It leads to visible twitching and rigidity of the facial muscles, which can occur on one side of the face. The facial weakness has also been known to be severe enough that sufferers have lost their ability to blink or chew. The primary symptom of CIDP vaccine is muscle weakness throughout the body, through which you will experience muscle wastage and painful cramps. CIDP vaccine injury lawyer can easily help you in filing claim. Women are more commonly affected by this because of the hormones that have a role in producing menstruation and childbirth, which weaken the weaker muscles.

      Reduction of tendon reflexes:

When you suffer from CIDP vaccine, you may also experience a reduction in tendon reflexes used by the body as part of the natural defense against harmful stimuli. A reduction in tendon reflexes leads to a loss of sensation and a decrease in muscle strength. It can eventually lead to bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction. In addition, the autonomic nervous system regulates the heart rate and blood pressure and effects secretions such as saliva and tears. The autonomic symptoms often involve releasing saliva without realizing it is occurring.

Tingling sensations in a person’s hands or feet:

It is the primary symptom of CIDP due to damage to small nerves in the hands and feet. The peripheral nerves are responsible for getting signals from your central nervous system to your limbs, running through two or three different body parts. When they start to break down, they may leave you with tingling sensations that are felt only in specific locations. Whereas some people experience tingling sensations only when touching certain parts of their body, such as their fingers or toes, others may experience a tingling sensation on any part of their skin.

Difficulty Swallowing:

CIDP symptoms can also result in difficulty swallowing. Some signs include drooling, choking, and losing control over saliva production. Sometimes, sufferers experience coordination loss that makes swallowing harder to swallow.

How flu shot injury lawyer can help you?

You may have already suspected something was wrong with your health when you suffered an injury and sought medical help. But if you’re suffering from CIDP, likely, the doctors have not been able to detect it and have given up on you. While there is no cure for this disease right now, there are specific procedures that can be used to treat the condition. Speak with a CIDP vaccine injury lawyer specializing in patent cases, and they can help you by vigorously pursuing your claims against your doctor or vaccine manufacturer.


CIDP is a rare disease that can lead to permanent disability or death if not treated properly. Therefore, those suffering from this disorder need to seek treatment as soon as possible. If you need help with CIDP, contact a lawyer specializing in vaccine injury claims today.

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