June 22, 2024

Top Musicals You Need to Watch Right Now!

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Top Musicals

Musicals as a genre have greatly evolved over the years. Some of the best musicals, today go beyond their generation. However, not every movie in the genre has the potential to become the ultimate classic or leave a legacy behind. Nonetheless, some do and they stay with us forever. That’s why we listed some outstanding musicals below, which we suggest that one should see at least once in their life.

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1) The Wizard of Oz

Genre(s): Musical, Fantasy, Children’s film

Released: 1939 


Dorothy Gale is a young teen, who lives on a Kansas farm, with her Uncle and Aunt, who are also owners of the farm. When Toto bites the wealthy Miss Gulch, she retaliates and obtains an order from the Sheriff to authorize the euthanization of the dog. However, Toto successfully escapes to his owner, who runs away from the farm to protect her dog, leaving her aunt heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Dorothy comes across a fortune-teller, who tells her to return home for her Aunt misses her terribly. While on her way back home, Dorothy and Toto encounter a tornado. Unable to find shelter, the house is swept away, transporting them to the magical world of Oz, where they encounter several magical beings. When Dorothy awakens, she finds that she landed in Munchkinland, which is in the Land of Oz. Here the good people live peacefully under the ‘Good Witch’ Glinda. And are celebrating because the Wicked Witch of the East died since the house accidentally landed on her.

However, her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West wants to avenge her death. And is about to get hold of the magical red slippers, when Glinda the Good Witch transports them onto Dorothy’s feet, advising her never to take them off as they are very powerful. After the Wicked Witch leaves Munchkinland in a puff of smoke, warning Dorothy that she will eventually get them, Glinda advises Dorothy to take help from the Wizard of Oz, the only one who can help Dorothy.

 And so is directed to follow the yellow brick road that led to Emerald City, where the Wizard resided. It is on the yellow brick road that Dorothy meets other lovable characters: Scarecrow, wishing for a brain, the Tin Man, wishing for a heart, and the Cowardly Lion, wishing to get courage. But the question remains: will Dorothy ever be able to dodge the wicked attempts of the evil witch and reach Emerald City to be able to finally go home?

Besides being in Technicolor, several other factors made this movie so special. It appealed to a child’s imagination; what would happen if they entered a new world that was far away from home and the people, who loved them? As terrifying as the idea was, the notion fascinates kids and continues to do so.

The answer is simple: make new friends, who would help them to navigate the elusive pathways of life. As for the music, the comedy, or the special effects, these excite young audiences, just as they did decades ago and continue to do. After all, a loss of childhood is a wistful matter, which cannot be gained back. Yet one can give this a re-watch if they haven’t done it in a while.

2) High School Musical

Genre(s): Musical Drama, Teen, Comedy

Released: 2006 


Junior High teens, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez meet at a ski lodge party on New Year’s Eve, where they are called to sing a duet with each other. However, as they both leave, they never expect that they would run into each other again. However, once the winter break is over, Troy returns to school, only to bump into Gabriella in the homeroom, who explains her mom’s transfer to Albuquerque in New Mexico. Quickly becoming close friends, they soon fall for each other.

However, after one unintentional audition for the upcoming musical, both get callbacks, which simply infuriates the popular Sharpay Evans, President of the Drama Club, who is both jealous and worried. Since the callbacks cause division and confusion amongst the social cliques, already set in the school. Along with Ryan, Chad and the basketball team, and Taylor and the science nerds, she conspires to crush their chances of forging a new path: becoming the new favorite of the Drama Club. 

Being the first movie of the High School Musical TV film series, this was an instant hit, catapulting the movie cast to overnight success. What made the movie different was the approach. At a time when most teen-related media were about sex, drugs, pregnancy, crimes, and the likes, HSM was cleaner and sweeter than most offerings. And surprisingly not corny, which made the franchise even more special.

Being a classic Disney-style musical, this was meant to entertain audiences with safe yet neat entertainment. Although, there is a lot of hand-holding but not much more. Even the cliquish Queen Bee is not that nasty. And one will find themselves singing along to the tunes for they are catchy and do make one happy and smiley.The movie series was meant to be feel-good for audiences, which it successfully achieved and continues to be enjoyed by all. 

3) Aladdin

Genre(s): Musical, Fantasy, Romance, Children’s Film

Released: 2019


The 2019 fantasy musical Aladdin is adapted from Disney’s 1992 animated feature film with the same name. Aladdin is based on the stories from ‘A Thousand and One Nights’. It is the tale of a kind-hearted street thief, Aladdin, who stumbles upon the exotic Princess Jasmine, dressed as a peasant in the streets of Agrabah. Only to find his world turned upside down when he visits her palace for he is spotted by the Grand Vizier Jafar.

The young boy is lured to go inside the forbidden Cave of Wonders and retrieve an old lamp for him. All under the pretense that by getting the lamp, Aladdin will be able to make his wishes come true. However, Jafar warns them not to take anything else besides the lamp. Unbeknownst to Aladdin, Jafar is also an evil sorcerer, who wants to usurp power via magic.

The lovable Aladdin and his pet monkey, Abu go inside the cave and get the lamp, which unfortunately starts to collapse because Abu takes some precious treasures other than the lamp as well. Double-crossing Aladdin by taking the lamp first, Jafar kicks both of them into the disintegrating cave. Luckily, for them, Abu sneaked the lamp from Jafar. Upon rubbing the oil lamp, Aladdin finds out that it is magic as it unleashes the wise-cracking yet powerful Genie, who grants him three wishes.

It is here onwards that they undertake a dangerous job to stop the wicked Grand Vizier from overthrowing the Sultan and becoming the Sultan himself, by marrying Princess Jasmine. When Disney announced a remake of the 1992 hit, audiences and critics were excited. Even though it ranked among the highest-grossing films of the said year, yet when the movie opened, it received mixed reviews. Although the animated version had its appeal, the 2019 version took most of its dialogue from the 1992 movie, which meant that there was little room for innovation.

However, in the few moments, the actors shone, these rare stances were independent of the ’92 script. The same goes for Will Smith, who was the biggest star in the movie. Although he tried his best to fill in the shoes of the great Robbin Williams, he is unable to make the character his own for Williams’s imprint, as the big blue Genie is still strong and fresh in audiences’ memory. The certain disconnection does not go away. After all, audiences were expecting to see their beloved childhood story but with a slight change.

Wrapping Up 

Whether you enjoy the conventional sing-along or an action-packed adventure running on your screen, some of the above-mentioned flicks are meant to bring joy and galore of the sweet past, when things were simple and uncomplicated.Nonetheless, most modern creatives are no less spectacular as they play with the form, putting their eclectic spin on a piece that had been an audience favorite for a long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of these musicals for they are meant to bring your smiley happy self back if it is been buried under work or stress for too long!

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