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working methods to improve your efficiency.?

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improve your efficiency.

How to work well? How to improve your work performance?

Many employees ask themselves these questions. And with good reason: an employee who manages to be more efficient at work is an employee who obtains better customers, who is trusted, who flourishes in his professional life and who commands the respect of his colleagues and his hierarchy. But what are the working methods to be more 100% efficient?

Rigor at work , organization, work strategy  : in this guide, we provide you with the 6 techniques to be more efficient at work.Become experts in professional efficiency!

Manage priorities to better organize your working time

An employee’s working time is made up of two parts:These tasks are part of the daily life of the employee. They involve taking action now and cannot be put off.The second part is the set of tasks to be performed, but which do not achieve the desired objective. Placed end to end, they take a considerable amount of time and prevent us from carrying out other much more important tasks.

In fact, the proportion of tasks that do not allow the target objective to be achieved is often too high. In general, when an employee mismanages his priorities, you can reach a ratio of 40% of his working time devoted to these tasks. It’s too much.Employees must refocus on their objectives: what justifies their presence in the company?

1. Why was he hired? What are his real goals?

By taking the time to do this schedule analysis , you avoid being drowned under a mountain of work and your work organization in the office is made easier

Conducting this analysis can take a little time and energy, but we strongly encourage you to do it: it is one of the best tips for managing your time well and increasing your efficiency at work. A few minutes or hours spent reviewing your organization and planning your appointments will allow you to set up new routines at work.

crucial to achieving better work efficiency and should be done whenever the need arises. Do you think you have too many secondary tasks to do to be able to do your job  ? Don’t hesitate to tell your manager about it: he will understand that you are simply trying to achieve the targeted objectives and will balance the work between all the employees. Your rigor at work will be greatly improved.

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3. Adopt a positive attitude at work

Being able to do one’s job also means favoring efficiency in others. However, the effectiveness of group work is strongly influenced by the relationships that we maintain with our colleagues.

Adopt a good work attitude to gain efficiency at work  : take initiatives, help your partners, be willing to replace a ick colleague…These attentions make you remarkable from the point of view of your colleagues as well as that of your superiors.By adopting positive behavior at work , the relationship of trust that will naturally be created with your colleagues will allow you to be supported when needed, to be listened to when you express yourself and to be defended in the event of a problem. Such behavior opens doors in your professional development.

Also note that these little attentions have an impact on the morale and productivity of your colleagues: nothing like a close-knit and fulfilled team to combat demotivation at work!

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4. Manage your time better to increase your productivity at work

Your ability to manage your time well is crucial for better work efficiency .

Without a goodmanagement of time, the calls, the emails, the documents to be returned will follow one another an they will end up giving the rhythm of your day.A complementary skill to our first advice (managing priorities to better organize your working time), time management is central to the life of a professional. Good time management leads to greater efficiency at work because it allows you to organize tasks in a precise order, to prioritize and prioritize each mission in order to focus on the most urgent.

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For example, you can use an activity log (time log) to precisely analyze the time you take to complete each task. So you know exactly what takes your time, and what can be done quickly.

”. On suitable software such asTrelloor the old-fashioned way, on a post-it, do not hesitate to use these checklists to remind yourself of what to do and in what order.

If you feel more comfortable with paper, a good diary or planner can do just fine. you will see, this trick applies to both personal and professional organization.

Think about body management!

Your body has its own rhythm and it is easier and more beneficial in the long term to take it into consideration rather than go against it.

For example, if you think you are more productive in the morning, take care of the most important tasks at that time. Listening to you is very important: your body sends you signals. It’s up to you to decipher them to

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