April 13, 2024

Do Turkish Airlines Allow Name Changes On Their Tickets?

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Name Changes On Their Tickets

Turkish Airlines is one of the renowned airlines that keep the comfort of their customers at the top of their priority list. This is why they offer Airlines Name Correction policy. All bookings must be done with a valid name, including first name, last name, or middle name, and the name of the ticket and government-issued ID must be the same. With the help of this policy, you can make name changes to your ticket.

Features of Airlines Name Correction Policy

Check out these crucial rules of  Airlines name change policy.

  1. Airline name change on ticket is allowed in scenarios such as weddings, divorces, misspellings, typos, and last name absence on the reservation.
  2. Only a single request for a ticket name change is allowed for a single customer.
  3. The flight reservation must be done on the TK documents.
  4. TK flights should start with the number 235. They must be operated by Turkish Airlines.
  5. No customer can do a ticket transfer to any other customer. If they want to do this, they must cancel the current ticket and book it again. Refund is also applicable in these situations.

Now that you know Airlines Name change policy is the only way to correct or change your name on the ticket, you must know about the procedures to confirm the changes.

Methods of Making Name Changes Under Airlines Name Change Policy

1.  Online

  • Visit the website and Click on the tab ‘Manage my booking’, and enter your reservation details which are your 6-digit reference number & last name.
  • A window with all your itineraries will appear. Select the booking that needs to be corrected.
  • According to the Airlines name change policy, you can correct up to 4 characters in your name. So, make name corrections and changes accordingly.
  • Save all the changes by clicking on the button “Save.”
  • Now, you are bound to pay the applicable fare difference as well as the name change fee for confirmation of changes.

2. Phone Number

If you don’t have enough time to make Turkish ticket name changes online by yourself, you can call the customer helpline number and take help from the agents to fix the wrong name on the ticket.

The agent will ask for your six-digit reservation number and legal documents (in case of a name change after marriage or divorce). The name change fee and fare difference will be communicated over the call itself. Once you make the payment, the request will be processed and soon you will receive a confirmation email.

Airlines name change policy allows name changes on the ticket. You can now fix the incorrect name on the ticket conveniently and fly joyfully to your destination.

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