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Destinations for summer vacation

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summer vacation

In France or abroad? The decisive argument is often the budget but also the duration of your holidays, the climate and the activities sought… You are therefore faced with an endless field of possibilities and you will have to start by listing your constraints to make the right decision.

1. Where is the weather nice in July/August?

During this period, the sun is present everywhere in Europe, which attracts crowds of holidaymakers to the beaches… The difficulty will therefore be to find a destination that is not saturated with holidaymakers.

In France

Metropolitan France sees its temperatures at their peak during this period, pushing holidaymakers to seek freshness from the beaches. The French coasts are therefore crowded, with the majority of tourists flocking to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Occitanie, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Bretagne regions. If you are looking for peace above all, you can go to Normandy to breathe the country air, tour the castles of the Loire or even head for the high mountains of the Alps for superb hikes.

And Europe

In terms of tourism in Europe during the summer holidays, the majority of travelers go primarily to the coast of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. All the European coasts are generally very popular but there are still some less coveted corners such as Monte Negro or Abanie which bathe in the Adriatic Sea or even Bulgaria and Romania on the shores of the Black Sea. Also consider northern Europe, Iceland, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

Hors d’Europe

North Africa in summer plunges into the heat wave, sometimes making the heat unbearable. For the rest of Africa, this is the ideal time to discover the islands of the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion…). In Asia, it is Indonesia that reaches out to you, but also Mongolia, China, Armenia… Forget Thailand and its neighboring countries which are in the middle of the rainy season. In Oceania, northern Australia has one of the most pleasant climates. July / August is also the best time to travel to North America, the United States or Canada. South America is also in its best days, apart from some flooded areas in the northeast and southwest enjoy your journey by lots of best things to do in Spain .

To continue the search for the ideal destination, consult my maps ” Where and when to go on a trip to the sun? “

Summer holidays can be experienced in a thousand ways and the choice of destination, beyond the climate, must be decided according to your desires and the potential activities in the chosen region. Here are the different holiday styles, find what excites you the most and do your research according to your criteria :

2. The compromises to find the destination

Once you have listed the destinations that appeal to you, you will have to make choices based on:

The budget you have (by finding out about the most expensive and least expensive destinations and the price of transport to get there)

Desires of your traveling companions (the more you are, the more difficult the compromise can be!)

The age of the participants (are you traveling with children, the elderly or with your pet? if so, not all destinations are suitable)

News of the destination (are there health or political risks? To do this, consult the travel advice on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Summer vacation destination

Accommodation for summer vacation

Once the destination is defined, all that remains is to know where you are going to put your suitcases! Unless it is the choice of accommodation that defines your destination.

In terms of accommodation for the summer holidays, it’s not just the hotel! Here are the types of accommodation that await you with open arms to spend a summer in complete freedom. Be careful, holidaymakers are starting to book the best accommodations earlier and earlier, so don’t delay in deciding and confirming! If you have opted for a “tailor-made” holiday, you won’t have to do anything, the agency will book everything for you. If you are organizing your holidays, at work, tracking takes time!

1. The rental house

The most practical solution if you are going with family or several friends is to rent an entire accommodation. It is much more economical than a hotel, you will feel “at home” and you can have convivial meals there.

The rental offers you a large indoor and outdoor space and allows you to spend your holidays in complete freedom. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for a gîte, a chalet, an apartment, a bungalow, a villa with a swimming pool or even an unusual property!

To find your holiday accommodation, you must first define the equipment and criteria that are essential to you (garden, swimming pool, WIFI, sea view, air conditioning, barbecue, etc.).

Of course, book 3 to 6 months before your date of stay, be aware that the best “plans” are sometimes sold out eight months in advance!

➜ Search, compare and rent a vacation home

2. The campsite

For economical holidays with a touch of adventure, there is no shortage of campsites to welcome you in the summer.

3. The van, the boat, the camper…

If you have the soul of a nomad, finding accommodation that moves will allow you to see the country without having to pack your bags.

As with all summer rentals, remember to inquire and book several months in advance!

4. With friends

Do you have a friend who has settled in the depths of the Ardèche or the Creuse? It’s time to visit him! Do you perhaps have family who have a second home that will not be occupied all summer? Consider inquiring…

You can also program “a tour of friends and family”, set off with your vehicle to criss-cross France by spending two nights here and three nights there, the opportunity to see the world and the country!

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