June 22, 2024

Know how to increase the interest rate on your savings account.

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your savings account.

Most people start a savings account as their very first bank account.Each bank has a different rate of interest that you can earn on your savings.There are several more ways to profit from savings accounts.

A savings account is one of the best bank accounts that provide liquidity and safety for your funds.

In this guide, we will tell you tips to increase the interest rate on your savings account.

1. Find high-interest rates online.

Different banks offered different rates of interest to earn on a savings account. For this, it is suggested to do research on banks and choose the bank that provides the chance to earn a decent amount of interest on your savings account.

While checking the decent interest rate of banks to open your savings account, it is also suggested to check whether or banks possess the hidden fees or maintenance needed with a savings account or not. It would be best if you researched online to get better deals on savings account interest rates.

2. Use the funds effectively.

You can use the sweep-in and sweep-out facility to earn a good amount of interest on funds stored in your savings account. By using this facility, the surplus funds are swept out to fix deposit income that automatically generates a high amount of return.

You can easily sweep the money back into your savings account if you require some urgent cash. Moreover, you can also set limits on your account and instruct the bank that you will transfer excess cash to the FD account where the excess funds are available.

3. Go toward a criteria-based savings account.

In this, it is suggested to determine whether the banks provide you with good return rates on different types of savings accounts. Specific criteria include the high minimum balance, number of debit card transactions, etc. If you determine that these criteria are acceptable by the bank, you can open your savings account with them or not.

4. Earn indirectly by regular interest credits.

Some banks can provide you the monthly interest credit on a savings account. If you have a decent amount of balance in your savings account, then you can use these credits for investment purposes.

For example, you can open your savings account and deposit the interest income every month. It will ensure that your interest income is used to earn a high return by managing the active fund scheme.

5. Invest in a deposit certificate.

You can use the savings bank funds to invest in deposit certificates. The certificate of deposit has a tenure of 3 months to a year. If you do not have the required amount, you can invest in matured CD again and easily earn the high savings account interest rate.


You can earn high interest on your savings account if you follow the above tips. You should start using the advice right away if your income rises or if you still want to maintain the same liquidity in your savings account.

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