April 13, 2024

Paul Favret Sheds Light on Saving Energy in Transportation

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Energy in Transportation

The transportation sector requires a huge amount of energy to operate. The fuel usage of vehicles contributes to a major percentage of the total energy use of most countries.  Paul Favret  mentions that majority of vehicles need secondary fuels like diesel or gasoline to run efficiently and smoothly. Such fuels are derived from primary fuels like natural gas or crude oil. For the benefit of the environment, each person must try to save energy on transportation.

Paul Favret offers a few insights that can be helpful in saving energy on transportation

One firstly has to determine the transportation method that fits their lifestyle and needs to focus on cutting down on energy. People may use public transportation if they live in a vibrant city. On the other hand, travelling by car may be the most feasible option available to people in rural areas. There are many ways to save energy while travelling by car. Carpooling with others as much as possible is one such ways. One simply has to work out a way to split fuel costs between the carpoolers. This process will help everyone involved to save money. But more importantly, carpooling is effective in taking a number of cars off the road. It will also aid in lowering the carbon footprint of a person.

If possible, people should avoid travelling on busy thoroughfares during rush hour.Their trip may take a lot longer during the rush hour. From the fuel efficiency perspective, the constant idling of stop-and-go traffic is highly wasteful. Hence, to avoid this issue, one can try to plan their schedule accordingly. They can travel at a different time of the day. If changing the time is not possible, people may consider changing their route to avoid busy roads.

Properly mapping out a route every time a person drives somewhere new will also be a smart move.  Paul Favret mentions that by doing so, one can identify the shortest route that will help them to save fuel. Planning ahead will also prevent people from forgetting any of their stops. Therefore, they do not have to drive out of their way, while wasting fuel. In simple words, smart consideration of all car trips can help save time and money.

Public transportation lowers the amount of energy used for transportation for an individual, as well as in general. The energy use of one bus, for instance, is far lower than it would be if each person riding it used a smaller vehicle, like a car or a motorcycle. Individually, travelling by public transport can also help people save money. Public transport fare is usually lesser than the expenses incurred for car fuel. If one is already using public transportation as their primary method of traveling, they still can explore other ways to save energy. Biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, and long boarding, whenever possible, can be a smart move for many. People should also try to walk when travelling short distances. Doing so is not only better for the environment, but also for their own health.

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